STEP 1: Locate the file you wish to send.

Click the “browse” button below and navigate to your file. If there are multiple files use a compression program like “Stuffit” or “Zip” to combine and compress multiple files into one.

The name of the final file to be uploaded can not exceed 25 characters total and must not contain spaces, _ (underscores), or any special characters other than letters and numbers. Use Initial Caps ToSeparateWords, if necessary.

Also use this same compression program to “package” your single file, if there is only one. This will make it smaller, less transmission time, less room on the server taken, and protect it on its journey to us.

If you can not see the browse button below, your browser does not support file uploading. Please contact us to make other arrangements.

File that will be uploaded:

STEP 2: Now that you have selected your file...

the compressed file or compressed archive of files and their name is in the window above, click...

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