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edisc, a Denver Colorado-based company, specializes in delivering CD & DVD duplication & replication for those who need a reliable solution, including DVD authoring & premastering. We provide a wide range of printing and packaging solutions for your CD & DVD project and will customize a fulfillment & distribution solution for your complex requirements.

Why edisc?
What separates a company from its competitors should make the difference when choosing a vendor. The company being considered should be reviewed by these traits: Quality, Service & Price. Too often today companies are being forced to focus on price alone. However, quality and exceptional service have not lost their value at edisc.

Quality: We strive to achieve the highest quality standards in all production process. There is a difference in quality between vendors. You should never lower your standards nor assume “everyone is pretty much the same.”
Service: We ask, “When do you need it?” Not, “This is when we can do it.” Knowing that our customer’s needs vary, and that the very nature of this industry brings critical release dates, last-minute changes, and scheduling upheavals, we build flexibility into our scheduling to accommodate your needs.
Price: Of course price is important. Budgets are tighter and downsizing continues. This keeps you focused on the “bottom line.” We know and understand this. You will find our pricing to be extremely competitive, and specifically tailored to your projects.

Your business is important to us. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about the quality and service edisc continually provides. We take it personally.

Denver DVD CD Duplication - edisc
25 Summit Ash
Littleton, Colorado 80127

FAX: 303-770-6636

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